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'Glee' cast talk series finale, remember Cory Monteith

As "Glee" winds down to its finale on March 20, five stars of the high-school musical series described becoming emotional on the last day of shooting, discussed their late cast member Cory Monteith and disclosed what they took from the set as souvenirs.

"It was really cathartic," Darren Criss, 28, who plays Blaine Anderson, said with his co-stars on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," which aired Thursday. "Everyone's always like, 'Are you gonna cry? You gonna cry?' I mean, of course you're going to cry. There were moments where I didn't feel the need to cry but then everybody else was, then I felt like a jerk for not crying. And then I would join and then go, 'Ohmigod, this feels so good,' just to cry it out. It was so nice."

"Jenna and I always cry," Lea Michele, 28, who plays Rachel Berry, said of herself and East Meadow's Jenna Ushkowitz, 28, who plays Tina Cohen-Chang. During one of the final takes, she said, "We cried so hard that they actually [had to] cut. And then we are like, 'We are so sorry!' "

Chord Overstreet, 26, who plays Sam Evans, recalled that, "There's a moment in the last episode that we, uh, that we had" set aside to remember Monteith, who died of drug and alcohol abuse in July 2013 at age 31. "And then obviously when we wrapped we all had a . . . took a moment."

"He was there, though; we could feel him," added Chris Colfer, 24, who plays Kurt Hummel. "He was there."

As for souvenirs, "They were really cool about us taking stuff," said Criss. "I mean, they let me take furniture -- like, I took [Principal] Figgins' couch. . . . It's where I slept, like, every day; it's where we used to hang out. So I have a new couch for my house."

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