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'Glee:' My run-on sentence review


  What a finale and I'm in a huge rush and don't have time to actually think this review out and therefore won't and instead will just give you a Ulysses-type run-on sentence that may or may not end but at least will reflect the passion and love I have for "Glee" and how last night wrapped with - Good God - "Over the Rainbow" no less and some incredibly touching moments along the way that made a surly old goat of a TV critic named Gay tear up just a little bit but not too much because he's such a huge admirer of Sue Sylvester who absolutely had her standout moment last night when she stood there at the end of "To Sir with Love" and teared up and then  I teared up and you teared up and well we just all teared up and then Sue told Will how she wished could take him to the zoo and do something with that monkey oh my gawd that monkey and then he reached across to shake her hand and she withdrew like he was a leper oh perfectperfectperfect and if there was no perfection last night it was certainly that Quinn baby scene because I do not think ever in the history of humanity was a baby born in the time it took "Bohemian Rhapsody" to unspool even in the '70s when the long version played on the radio and all I can imagine is that Ryan Murphy has never actually been to a maternity ward but what the heck all is forgiven Ry because by heavens you most certainly pulled off the most beautiful finale of the whole damn season on this whole damn medium called "the television" and for that...

 Thank you.

 And I can't wait for next season.



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