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'Glee:' Paltrow launching pad

Last night's "Sexy" was unique in one very particular sense -- it served as a launching pad for two, count 'em, two new albums! Gwyneth Paltrow and Darren Criss's "Dalton Warblers."

The Paltrow album, as you have already heard, will not be attached to the show. She cut a deal with Atlantic for a country music album. The Warblers will, of course, be attached to "Glee." What's going here? Never in the history of television has a single primetime scripted entertainment series generated such a lucrative sideline before heading into syndication.

Paltrow's return last night as Holly Holiday, the sex ed teacher, seemed to serve no larger purpose other than generating a launch pad for the album announcement; the Dalton Warblers got a big push, too. I wonder whether the album business has now superceded the show  itself in terms of profitability or at least revenue? If so the cart has officially been placed before the horse: '"Glee" is foremost a music industry unto itself, and secondarily a TV show enterprise. As future guest stars come and go, look for their albums as well. Is this good or bad? Certainly good for Fox, I'd imagine. 

Other "Glee" albums: We've already got: "Glee: The Music," Vle. 5; "Showstoppers;" "The Christmas Album;" "The Power of Madonna;" "Vle. 4;" "Journey to the Regionals;" "The Rocky Horror Glee Show;" and, of course, the first albums, Volumes 1 and 2.

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