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'Glee' recap: Who goes, who stays

Dianna Agron, left, and Naya Rivera sell cupcakes

Dianna Agron, left, and Naya Rivera sell cupcakes at the Glee Club's bake sale in the "Wheels" episode of "Glee" on Fox. Credit: Fox

So so so soooo much has been written about who goes/who stays at “Glee” that I'd be remiss not to provide this insta-overview of the fates of various characters. Last night's third season wrap was something of a reboot, and clearly the fourth season will be a re-booter deluxe, picking up various threads hither and yon. Moreover, Ryan Murphy has been on record saying that everyone will return next year -- which means that graduation doesn't mean “goodbye,” as much as “on to the next chapter.”

And -- spoiler alert -- if you don't want to know but if you do (and presumably fans know all of this well already, but as mentioned, I can't resist):

Mercedes (Amber Riley) ... gets to become a backup singer in LA

Kurt (Chris Colfer) ....doesn't get into the NYADA (the fictional New York Academy of Dramatic Arts) in NYC...So he stays behind.

Finn (Cory Monteith) ... doesn't get in either, and enlists in the Army, heading to Fort Benning, and of course this means some sort of future tearful/tuneful reunion with...

Rachel (Lea Michele) ... who does get into the NYC school, and who of course heads off to a glorious career, maybe.

Santana (Naya Rivera )... decides against U of Kentucky and instead heads to NYC, too, but not on the same train with Rachel, and makes one wonder -- makes me wonder -- whether the  Big Town is big enough for the both of 'em.

Mike (Harry Shum Jr.) ... is heading to the Joffrey Ballet in Chicago for some scholarship. Kind of intrigued how Mike's story will be picked up next season and I am assuming he will be back and it will be picked up in some fashion. 

Quinn (Diana Agron) ... is going to Yale, so presumably she'll figure somehow in the NYC story line (and Agron has denied she's leaving the show.)

Puck (Mark Salling) ...can't quite cross the finish line until he gets the Kiss, and then finally does graduate (amazing how this stuff happens). But he's not going to Yale, so we'll see what happens next season.

Brittany (Heather  Morris) ... has the world's lowest GPA so she doesn't graduate. She'll be back at McKinley next year, and who knows where the Britana thing goes if anywhere.

There ... and that's what you missed last night on “Glee.”

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