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Glenn Beck gets a berth on Dish Network

Glenn Beck, who exited Fox News a year ago June, is returning to TV via the Dish Network, in a deal announced this morning via his company, GBTV, now just called "TheBlaze," launches today.

Chris Balfe, chief of TheBlaze, had this to say in the announcement — and as a preface, you'll recall that Beck took his show or elements thereof and launched them on a pay-for-play website a year ago:

Twelve months later I am happy to report that we’ve succeeded beyond our wildest expectations. Despite the technical hurdles that are unique to watching our network, over 300,000 people have chosen to subscribe, giving TheBlaze TV a paid audience that’s larger than most free cable channels! Unsurprisingly, this success has caused some of the major TV distributors to stand up and take notice. In fact, many of the top names in cable and satellite TV have inquired about adding TheBlaze TV to their channel lineups. As a result, we are excited to announce the next chapter in our expansion: TheBlaze TV will be carried on cable and satellite providers nationwide, beginning today with DISH Network. This expansion is in addition to our continued availability as a direct-to-consumer online subscription.

Dish has yet to announce anything although a news conference is scheduled for tomorrow, while the invitation is headed: "The War of the Words."

Beck of course had phenomenal success on FNC, followed by almost-nearly-as-phenomenal collapse, as the show morphed into an egg-heady seminar/power point presentation on Beck's wide-ranging views on history, America, Jeffersonian democracy, terrorism, and a very, very dim view of the country's future — if it continued to take the current path, or paths. And while certainly — avowedly — conservative, his show didn't really have nice things to say about either major party.


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