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53° Good Afternoon

'GMA' covers the Chaz Bono flap

One almost gets the impression ABC is quite pleased over the Chaz Bono controversy -- so pleased that one could almost get the impression that it expected to get this much controversy. 

But what about Chaz.? On today's "Good Morning America" he could barely manage to stifle a yawn (metaphorically).  He claims he's paid no attention to the critics so far.

"I'm going to be dancing . . . and people who don't have gender dysphoria aren't going to catch it by watching . . . "

He also seems annoyed to have to address it all, but George Stephanopoulos persisted,  "What do you say to those who say you're pushing a political agenda?"

Chaz: "It's a dance show."   

Here's the interview. 

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