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Golden Globe hosts Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler: What's in store

From left, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler onstage

From left, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler onstage at Comedy Central's night of too many stars: America comes together for autism programs at The Beacon Theatre in New York. (October 13, 2012) Photo Credit: Getty Images

If a joint interview with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler is any indication of what the 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards will be like when they host it live Sunday (NBC/4 at 8), expect a terrifically funny and spontaneous show.

Fey had concluded shooting "30 Rock," and Poehler was busy with "Parks and Recreation" when they sat down to a chat about their Globes gig.

The duo hadn't prepared months in advance for the awards show, and suggested we might expect some quirkiness from them.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a small group that chooses the winners, divides the 25 categories between film and TV. The event, which has more the feel of a party than a career-defining marathon production, kicks off the awards season.

What follows is a condensed version of Fey and Poehler's half-hour chat with Zap2it.

How do you prepare for the Globes?

POEHLER: I don't know. Tina and I have hosted things together and separately, and the nice thing is that we don't have to prepare, is that we speak a similar language and share a similar vocabulary. And we both know what tone we want to set. It is just about writing jokes. I have very little experience with the Golden Globes. I have attended as a nominee, and I have always marveled at how loose and weird it is.

FEY: We have never done it before. We are not going to prepare too much, right? The appeal of doing it is it is so low-tech. You don't have to do a giant musical number or a bunch of pretaped pieces. It is movie stars getting drunk.

POEHLER: We should point out that there will be a lot of heavy-hitting actors there who tend to stay in character.

FEY: We are so Method, we will stay in character. The first time we met each other, we were pretending to be Colonial women. We are going to sleep in the space for a couple of nights before, and also because they would not pay for hotel rooms for us.

And why not make it a come-as-you-are party?

FEY: I am in a baseball shirt, no bra and the yoga pants I slept in.

POEHLER: I am in a hooded sweatshirt and tube top as a skirt.

Is there anyone you really want to meet?

FEY: Amy, have you met Angelina?

POEHLER: Maybe she'll come as my date. We are texting.

FEY: The answer really is no. If you work at "SNL," almost all the people come through at some point as a host or a guest, and you get to see them at their most vulnerable.

POEHLER: Robert De Niro was around, and in the beginning, I was so excited to talk to him, and then it was, "Ugh! Robert De Niro will not get out of my office." It changes so fast.

What makes the Globes different from other awards shows?

POEHLER: The Golden Globes are decided by a very small group of people from all over the world. Awards shows are bizarre -- unless I receive something, then they are right on the money. It is very strange. The Golden Globes just have a second level of what can be very cool projects that don't usually get attention. There is something quirky about it, very ripe to make light of. It just feels like when Tina and I were asked to do it, we thought this is our kind of party. I think we are just trying to throw the best party.

The biggest difference, and what's funny and fun to exploit is it's one of the rare occasions where television and film are together in the same room. The Academy Awards is about the movies. What's cool about the Golden Globes, especially now with so much great writing in television and so many actors doing both, is it is the room where everyone you kind of want to see is in, and there is an unpredictable element because people are drinking. I am a fan, as you know from the weird stuff I do at awards shows. It's kind of like why I used to like watching them; some got angry and weepy, and some refused their award, and it's a tiny sense of danger, and no one took it too seriously. And then things changed, and they take things more seriously.

What don't we know about the Golden Globes?

POEHLER: A lot of people don't know we decide the winners.

FEY: This is a good time to reach out, to send us alcohol and gifts.

POEHLER: People kind of forget that we are the ones who decide.

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