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Overcast 51° Good Afternoon

Golden Globes had a kind, gentle hosting

'Nervous?" asked host Ricky Gervais at the outset of Sunday's Golden Globes telecast.

No reason to be. No reason for anyone to be -- stars, movies, producers, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, NBC . . . or viewers.

Everyone and everything got a free pass at the Golden Globes -- an awards ceremony with the primary purpose of setting the table for the Oscars.

That's OK. Everything needs a purpose, but you secretly hoped that the guy setting this particular table would be just a little ruder, or more prone to spill the expensive wine over the expensive tux "by accident."

What 16.8 million viewers (down slightly from a year ago) ended up with was just another major awards show with the barest presentiment of danger fronted by a skillful host who couldn't have been . . . kinder.

"I had a blast actually," Gervais wrote in a blog posting Monday. "It was by far my favorite of the three hosting stints."

Not mine. But then I'm not the guy whose tux just got ruined either.

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