Good Morning
Good Morning

Golden Globes: My wrap

Shall we break last night's Golden Globes down a little bit? Just a little bit - for I'm sure on this cold winter's morn you are more interested in breaking down the Jets/Steelers...

Did the right winners win and right losers lose? This is the Hollywood Foriegn Press Association's Golden Globes! There is no right, no wrong, no ultimate truth. There only is...IS.

And here is what was: "The Social Network."  Beyond that, let's look at the TV winners:

"Boardwalk Empire:" An excellent choice for the winner. "Dexter" had a so-so year; as good as "The Good Wife" is, it can also be a bit erratic; "The Walking Dead" was an interesting choice but a totally kookie one; "Breaking Bad' shoulda been here; and "Mad Men?" Enough already. We know it's great, and why should the Globes follow everything the TV Academy does? They got out in front of "Empire" as well they should.

"Glee:" A poor choice. It was the right choice last year, the wrong one this. "Glee" is still often very very good, but still often very, very windy and preachy and obnoxious and full of itself. "Modern Family," meanwhile, is beyond brilliant this season. "Family" shoulda won. The Globies screwed up.

Katey Sagal: actress: Actually, I wish Piper Perabo had won. Kidding! Seriously, I'm kidding. (Oh, you have no sense of humor this early in the morning.) Good for Sagal. She deserved this, and you'll get no argument from me.

Buscemi: actor: This is the best move the Globies made all night, with the exception of picking "The Social Network;" if they hadn't picked Fincher or Sorkin or "Network," the Globies woulda been laughed out of the room. But Buscemi was spectacular in this role; I know a lot of people think he doesn't look like a mobster and just can't get out of their heads some role in some Coen brothers movie, but I don't think he was or is supposed to be mobster-like in "Boardwalk Empire." The role, as we auteurs and critiques like to say, is "complicated . . . nuanced . . ." So good for Buscemi.

I'll get to the others later. Must get another cup of coffee now.

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