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Good kids Jacquelyn Dupree, Brett Loewenstern shine on 'American Idol'

Randy Jackson's old football coach shows up next on "American Idol." Bizarrely Steven Tyler asks him if he ever paddled Jackson.

Jacquelyn Dupree, who brought her uncle, the coach, does a drop-dead gorgeous rendition of "I'll Stand By You." Jennifer Lopez calls it "awesome," Tyler liked her up-and-downs vocally.

Wow, I'd totally listen to her audition again. That was really great.

Bullied, curly redhead Brett Loewenstern up next, seems gentle and like a decent guy. He talks too much when he shows up in front of the judges though. He needs to just sing. Tyler talks to him about hair cream for a while.

He sings "Bohemian Rhapsody" and has a really nice tone, different, totally sincere and vulnerable. "Wow, wow" says Tyler, "you were fabulous." They all rave and he's through. 


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