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‘Good Wife’ ending in May, but spin-offs possible

The current season of "The Good Wife," starring

The current season of "The Good Wife," starring Julianna Margulies, will be the series' last.

“The Good Wife” will end in May but as with all hit series — especially esteemed ones — there may be life left in “Wife” yet. “The Good Wife” showrunners, Robert and Michelle King, said in a conference call with TV writers Monday that they’re open to spin-offs, but nothing has been formalized.

Moreover, they added that they had long planned to end the series — or at least their involvement with it — at seven seasons, even though they learned only recently that CBS had decided to formally wrap it by May.

In a surprise promotional announcement during Sunday’s Super Bowl, CBS said the current season would be the last — finally putting an end to speculation about the show’s fate after the Kings’ earlier announced they would be leaving to produce a new series for CBS (“BrainDead”).

“We knew we controlled our own fate but were very aware we didn’t control the fate of the series,” Michelle King said. “That was for the studio and network to decide. We felt fortunate and flattered that we’re being allowed to end the show the way we hoped it would end.”

Neither King indicated how stories or arcs would be concluded by May — Michelle King said her preference for any series ending is “when an ending feels inevitable but also surprising” — but did say they wanted to bring back cast members from the past, most notably Jess Weixler, who played Robyn Burdine, a PI with the Florrick-Agos firm. (And to answer the obvious question — no, Kalinda, played by Archie Panjabi, is not returning, they said.)

“Our hope is to get some people who you haven’t seen in two years, like Robyn. It’s not going to be like the end of ‘Seinfeld’ in that way but we just kind of wanted to check in with the characters and see where they’ve been,” Robert King said.

Both Kings confirmed the possibility of a spinoff: “At this point, nothing is off the table but nothing is formal, and [so] sure, maybe. We’re not saying no to anything at this point,” Michelle King said.

Robert King added: “All those other characters, like Martha Plimpton’s Patti Nyholm — what would be fun is if you could find a way to spin-off them” in a new show, which would focus on “an ensemble that wasn’t at the center of the show. We wished we had more time with them and with this you could explore other lives. It’s always been geared around Alicia [Julianna Margulies]. What would be appealing [to us] is pursuing a different ensemble.”

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