Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Goofy Ashley Smith, charming Janelle Arthur star on 'American Idol'

Ashley Smith, who says "it's hard for me to stay still," singing "Cowboy Casanova" next on "American Idol." She's all goofy and loud beforehand, but when she starts to sing is totally serious and has a good voice. Controls the song; judges are smiling watching, give her a "wow" at the end.

Nicki Minaj says she sounded "really pretty," Mariah Carey sums it up well: "I enjoyed you."

Keith Urban says he "couldn't look away," and Randy Jackson says he thinks she can  "sing any kind of song." She's through to Hollywood easily; looking forward to seeing more of her, for now.

They do a montage of Minaj giving all the contestants random nicknames; they're usually pretty funny and make some sense.

Janelle Arthur next, does Urban's "Where the Blacktop Ends."

He's like, "yeah!" Says she has a "beautiful voice, great control." Minaj says she's "special, seems like a star." Jackson calls her vocals "amazing." Something likable about her, is charming and definitely can sing.

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