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'Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live,' without the abuse

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Credit: Getty Images

THE SHOW "Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live"

WHEN | WHERE Tuesday night at 9 on Fox/5

THE DEAL Viewers watch Fox star Gordon Ramsay cursing and screaming at restaurant workers on "Hell's Kitchen" and "Kitchen Nightmares," and now they can put themselves under his direction in this show.

Ramsay has hosted live-TV cook-along shows in England, and he's bringing the concept to American prime time tonight, guiding American viewers through step-by-step instructions to prepare a three-course meal. And it's not some froufrou meal you'd only find at $40-an-entree restaurant.

The menu is simple, and even if you mess it up, Ramsay can't reach through the TV and verbally assault you, as he does in his other Fox series.

WHAT'S COOKING The meal Ramsay intends to cook serves four and includes an angel-hair pasta with shrimp, chile peppers and tomatoes appetizer; steak Diane with sauteed potatoes and peas for the main course and quick tiramisu for dessert.

SHOPPING LIST All the ingredients you'll need can be found at

RAMSAY SAYS "Chefs cook live each and every day," Ramsay said. "So it's a chance to remove the intimidation, keep it fun. 'Staying in' is the new 'going out,' in terms of keeping it inspirational and making sure we could not just guide but give insight." He said starting with raw ingredients and making a full meal in 60 minutes on live TV is an adrenaline rush.

A BIG QUESTION Of course, the show may only work as a participatory event for viewers who have a TV in their kitchen. "You sound like my mom," Ramsay said, when confronted by this question. "That's what she said to me: 'How do you expect me to cook along with no TV in the kitchen?' Good question. So you leave the living-room door open, turn the volume up full, wheel the television partly into the kitchen. . . . I'm not expecting everyone to keep up with me. But I can guarantee the journey will be packed with emotion."

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