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Greg Grunberg gets A&E drama

A&E just announced its 2011-2012 upfront development slate, and of particular interest, is this: Greg Grunberg -- of "Heroes," of course -- just got his own show. It's called "Big Mike" about a rather (well) big detective in San Diego. I believe the A&E news release uses the term "plus-size."  

Greg Grunberg (“Alias”) stars as a plus-sized detective in a world where plus-sized is a minus, San Diego. One of the best in his field, Big Mike can be a charging bull while serving a warrant or a gentle giant while rescuing a child from a fire. He can be profane, relentless and even deceitful when regulations stand in the way of justice, but he intimately understands both passion and human weakness, which serves as his greatest strength as a detective and his greatest challenge in his romantic life.

Also -- A&E is developing a mini based on Michael Crichton's "Coma," and has a new reality show with this eye-catching name: "Ship Happens." Seriously -- about truckers who ship odd-sized packages. Indeed.

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