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'Grey's Anatomy': Have you ever noticed ...?

"Grey's Anatomy" returns tonight after a long hiatus -- off the air since mid-November for crying out loud! -- and it's time we all catch up in a hurry. As you vaguely recall, Meredith and Alex were involved in an horrific car crash en route in an ambulance to another hospital to tend to a sick newborn. It was a terrible accident -- and I'm not one to make light of accidents, ever -- but this is "Grey's Anatomy," and I have been known from time to time to make light of it. Which leads me to today's question: Have you ever noticed ...? 

Have you ever noticed that whenever a character on "Grey's" gets into an amulance to go somewhere, something terrible happens? (I think I can count 10 instances, going back eight seasons.)

Have you ever noticed that the staff at Seattle Grace has injured, damaged or killed more people over the years than has actually saved them? 

Have you ever noticed that the longer the hiatus, the gorier the cliffhanger? (For example, if this were a two-week hiatus, I'm willing to bet only one extra would have been "injured.") 

Have you ever noticed that no matter how horrible the carnage, it will be completely forgotten by the last commercial break because Lexie will be more worried about Mark's new girlfriend, and dammit, that's more important? 

Have you ever noticed that no matter how many times something horrific happens at Seattle Grace, there is never any media coverage at all? It's as if the media in Seattle shrug and say, "Oh, Meredith Grey was just involved in another multicar pileup with many fatalities and what a coincidence that is." There's not even a mention in the local paper. 

Well, have you ever noticed ...?

Welcome back, "Grey's." I missed you.


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