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'Grey's Anatomy': To continue past doomsday

Extremely alarming news yesterday out of the TCA press tour in Pasadena: British-born ABC Entertainment boss-newbie Paul Lee told the assemblage that "Grey's Anatomy" could go on for 10 more years, or until it's 18.

Now, there are two things wrong with this prediction. Foremost, there has never been a entertainment boss in the history of television who has survived in this job 10 years. For all I or Paul knows, David Cross (see post below) could be the president of ABC Entertainment in 2022.  And for Paul to assume that this president will also want to hold on to a snaggletoothed old soap, in which the characters have all entered their twilight years, and where the idea of hot, wild, illicit sex between Mark and Lexie -- both well into their 70s at this point -- in the linen closet really doesn't seem like anyone's idea of a fun TV moment any longer ... is just ludicrous. 

But here's the second thing: Even Shonda Rhimes seemed taken aback by the idea. She said, or words to the effect, that she didn't know if she was quite on board with the idea of "Grey's" for another 10 years. But then, no one -- including fans -- is.

There's always this possibility too: Paul was merely displaying a bit of understated British irony.

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