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Guitar girl Holly Harden and 'fearless' Mallorie Haley tops on 'American Idol'

People arrive in Atlanta for Season 9 auditions

People arrive in Atlanta for Season 9 auditions for "American Idol." Photo Credit: Fox

Holly Harden, in an outlandish 'human guitar' outfit is next on 'American Idol'. I think the only contestants with props I ever thought were good were the roller-skating waitress friends from a few years ago.... Mary J. Blige is cracking up already, "You Ain't Woman Enough to Take My Man."

Holy cow, she can actually sing; husky voice, good phrasing -- my gosh, ditch the idiot outfit! Simon calls her fun, likes her personality; Randy thinks she's funny, Kara says she's a "ballsy girl." Blige just says no, but everyone else says yes, and who would've guessed, she's through to Hollywood!

Mallorie Haley sings "Piece of My Heart," and she's good right off the bat. Soulful voice, confident, no games about her, just flat out can sing. Blige calls it "great," the "best vocal I heard." Kara likes how she knows who she is, Randy calls her beautiful, Simon says "you were fearless."

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