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Gurpreet Singh Sarin's group advances on 'American Idol' despite 'brutal' performance

Micah Johnson's group up next on "American Idol," doing "Hold On I'm Comin'" -- they only show us a few seconds, but they're good and get through easily. Likewise, Nate Tao and Elijah Liu's group, all in leather jackets, are simply sweet with "Some Kind of Wonderful," and all are through easily.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin's group is doing "Payphone," unfortunately they all totally forget some of the lyrics. They try to carry on, but it's not good at all -- totally not together. Randy Jackson winds up yelling at them to stop and, "hang up the phone!" Judges are deliberating -- not a good thing when you hear words like, "terrible" and "brutal."

Then, in a surprise, Nicki Minaj says, "for some reason we think you can get better," and they all make it through. Sarin is just standing there looking shocked. They got saved just based on potential....

Jason Jones and his group from the get-go don't know their song, "What Makes You Beautiful." Urban says, "it was the wrongest song for you guys," with Minaj adding, "you all were equally bad, actually." They all get sent home.

Devan Jones' group decides to sing without the band; their vocal coaches question the decision, but they go for it. They're quite good, actually, doing "Payphone." Not sure how some groups remember nothing and then this group is able to pull something like this off.  Three of them move on, including Jones.

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