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Gwen Stefani explains Emmys' 'Colbore' gaffe, this time on 'Ellen'

It was the gaffe that launched a thousand jokes -- at least 500 of them funny: Gwen Stefani's pronunciation of Stephen Colbert's name during the telecast of the 66th annual Primetime Emmys telecast. Stefani, a good sport, took the jokes in stride, and laughed it off the other night on "Late Night with Seth Meyers." Colbert, who changed the name on his show to Colbore, laughed too.

And now she's here to add a few more details. On Monday's 12th season launch of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" -- which, by the way, will be repeated, so to speak, on Sirius later in the evening and again the following morrning, in a novel arrangement that begins next week -- she's with the cast of "The Voice" when, naturally, the question comes up. What about this Colbore thing...? 


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