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'H8R' pairs celebs, 'haters' for a day

Pauly D and Nicole

Pauly D and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi from 'Jersey Shore' (composite) Photo Credit: AP


WHEN | WHERE Wednesday night at 8 on The CW

REASON TO WATCH Twisted celeb peeping!

WHAT IT'S ABOUT Mario Lopez hosts a controversial celebrity eager to persuade his or her "H8Rs" (haters) that he/ she is really a nice guy/gal. One lucky non-fan gets surprised in public by the celeb, and the two hang for a day to see if they could become BFFs or are fated to stay H8R-and-H8EE.

What sort of celebs would go for this gig? Flashes-in-the-pan like Snooki "please call me Nicole" from MTV's "Jersey Shore" and Jake "I'm really honest and loving" Pavelka from ABC's "The Bachelor," for starters. Upcoming victim(izer)s include Kim Kardashian and Barry Bonds.

MY SAY The angel on my shoulder says "H8R" is a piece of slime, bringing out the worst in everyone involved. But the devil on my other shoulder says this show is the logical outcome of our culture's celeb-obsession, and everyone involved gets precisely what they deserve. Which is soooo fun to watch.

Snooki seems snotty, but her H8R seems snottier and even more interested in "performing" for the "reality" camera. Like her, Jake moans about being pigeonholed by what people see on TV, but for cripes' sake, he wanted to be on TV, and so he did what they wanted, which means he did what he wanted. So stop your griping already.

Besides, the creepiest thing about "H8R" isn't them. It's executive producer Lopez watching a TV monitor in a van outside, chortling over the train wrecks he's generating.

BOTTOM LINE I feel so . . . dirty.

GRADE C+ (for quality); B+ (for giddy fun)

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