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Haeley Vaughn 'falls off' while trying to climb on 'American Idol'

Haeley Vaughn tells us right away how nervous she is, and how she likes to make headbands. She's charming, with her incessant smiling, is just 16 and is perfect for that age, much better than many moody teens today.

Singing "The Climb," in black with a red flower in her hair, it seems a bit flat, but no doubt a huge voice. Good rhythm and drive to her version, and totally heartfelt. I like the little country twang in her voice; it's like she's just singing for herself and her fans, a directness to the performance that's cool.

Randy says it didn't work for him, "excruciating," so pitchy and a bad fit, no connection to the song at all. Ellen loves her smile, but didn't feel it connected. Hmm, I totally disagree with both of them, actually -- maybe they're just not her target audience. Kara says people are rooting for you, they really like you; but need a year of strengthening your voice, it's inconsistent.

Simon says "a complete and utter mess," in theory it should've worked, but "you fell off." Eh, I don't agree; thought she was decent and pretty sincere in her performance.

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