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Haley Reinhart and Tiwan Strong celebrate well on 'American Idol'

Haley Reinhart kicks off the second day for "American Idol" in Milwaukee with a sultry "Oh Darling." It's interesting even if not totally enjoyable vocally, and is meant more to show off her technique.

"Beautiful choice of notes" says Steven Tyler. Randy Jackson likes her a lot more than last year, and she's through. Does a fun little dance outside the museum in celebration.

Tiwan Strong strides in next and wants to "leave no room for doubt." Sings "Twistin' the Night Away." For some reason, it's enjoyable in a cruise-ship kind of way.

"I see the sparkle in your eyes and I liked your voice," says Tyler, who really is pretty spot on with his assessments. He was just OK for me, but seems like a nice guy and he can definitely sing.

His family's hilarious, they do one of the all-time great celebrations, lots of prancing and performing and emoting.



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