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Haley Reinhart falls on stage on 'American Idol'

Haley Reinhart is going her own way on "American Idol" and doing "What Is and What Should Never Be. Beyonce tells her she's "incredible."

Another interesting pick. She shows off her great voice and unique tone. It's fun to listen to, kind of can't believe she made it this far making weird choices like this. Oooh, and she slips going back up on stage after doing a turn around the judges. 

Gets up and recovers pretty quickly. There's big applause at the end, some energy in the crowd -- Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler give her a standing ovation.

"This is what it's all about," yells Randy, "one of your best performances ever." Steven asks her "did you fall for me?!"

Jennifer Lopez liked how she kept going.

First she gets lipstick all over her face, and now the slip. But both times she just powered through. 



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