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Haley Reinhart gets Lady Gaga's help on 'American Idol'

Lady Gaga is in full costume and dishing out the advice as Haley Reinhart sings "I Who Have Nothing" next on "American Idol."

Interesting. Gaga says she loves the show because it gives "young people a chance to be heard."

Haley, by the way, is gonna have a hell of a time living up to Jordin Sparks' amazing rendition of this song a few years ago, but she could totally do it. It's a great song choice that fits her borderline crazy persona. Gotta root for her.

This is quite good. Can't stop watching -- she's totally playing up the petulant part of the song, bringing in the smokey bluesy aspect, cracking her voice at the right place. But i don't know, it kind of fades as it goes. One big problem is it doesn't build the way Jordin's did, so ultimately it could've been great but was just pretty good.

But in the year of nonjudging, Jennifer Lopez goes nuts, calls it "amazing, one of the best performances of the year." Randy Jackson loved it, too, as did Steven Tyler.

OK. Listen to Jordin's performance again and tell me Haley was anywhere near that....

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