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Haley Reinhart, Lauren Alaina outshine Scotty McCreery on 'American Idol'

The three

The three "American Idol" finalists: Haley Reinhart, left, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina after James Durbin was eliminated on the live show. (May 12, 2011) Credit: Fox

Haley Reinhart was creative, Scotty McCreery was same old thing and Lauren Alaina went big on "American Idol" as they each sang three songs.

Nobody blew us away, and aside from Haley falling on stage there wasn't much for people to talk about around the water cooler.

Just a good, solid show, without any real drama or stand-up-and-shout moments. I mean, anyone could be in the finals, there's nobody grabbing us by the throat demanding to be voted in. Who knows, maybe it'll be the two women in the finals....

Here's how I rated everyone. Put in your rankings in the comments, below.

1) Haley Reinhart may have slipped on stage, but her "What Is and What Should Never Be," was creative and interesting, and showed off her unique tone.

2) Scotty McCreery's "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not"  had good energy and remined us  how good he is at acting out songs; even if it was nothing fresh, still fun.

3) Lauren Alaina got the low-hanging fruit with "I Hope You Dance," -- she did nothing special but sang it well, giving J.Lo "the goosies."

4) Lauren Alaina finally seems relaxed and like a real star with "If I Die Young," despite some vocal issues, it was worth listening to all the way through.

5) Haley Reinhart's "Rhiannon" was overshadowed by the mad wind machine, but there were some pretty awesome vocal moments, even if overall it was just good.

6) Scotty McCreery's "She Believes in Me" was pretty mediocore, except for the stellar soaring chorus. He's got more in him. Too bad the judges can't get it out.

7) Haley Reinhart's "You Oughta Know" was like the original, but because she has a great voice, it almost seemed as good.

8) Scotty McCreery may be Beyonce's "cutie pie," but he did nothing for me on "Amazed." Vocally, it was not great, even if the emotin' was fun to watch.

9) Lauren Alaina was told to "be great" by Beyonce... but her version of "Wild One" was unoriginal and just OK.

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