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Hallie Day, Skylar Lane get 'American Idol' audience hollering; Baylie Brown, not so much

Hallie Day next on "American Idol" with Nina Simone's "Feeling Good" -- slow, controlled start, lets the song unspool. Has the audience hollering early.

Man, she has timing, milks the natural drama in the song for all it's worth. And then in the second part, she lets her power loose, stalking the stage like she owns it, flinging her hair and stomping her feet. Then hits that huuuuuge last note, and holds it. Wow.

Judges just sitting there, grinning. Jennifer Lopez says, "You looked like a star. Looked beautiful, sounded beautiful."

Skylar Lane next, doing "Stay With Me" by Ronnine Wood. She's a bit strident for me, and hyperactive; but no denying the high energy. Judges loved her, though.

Baylie Brown, who I like, is up next, singing "Amazed." Hmm, she's not hitting it tonight, missing her notes.

"Shaky the whole way through," says Lopez, as Jackson says, "You just never seized control of the song."

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