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Halloween TV schedule 2015: 'The Walking Dead,' 'American Horror Story: Hotel,' movie marathons, more

"The Walking Dead" Season 6 premieres Sunday, Oct.

"The Walking Dead" Season 6 premieres Sunday, Oct. 11. Credit: AMC / Gene Page

Does it sometimes seem Halloween lasts all year long now?

AMC's zombie hour, "The Walking Dead," is TV's most-watched drama, having spawned this summer's spinoff, "Fear the Walking Dead." FX courts buzz with creepfests "American Horror Story" and "Fargo." This fall, the networks introduce new nightmares in Fox's "Scream Queens" kill-'em-all spoof and ABC's serial-killer thriller, "Wicked City." They join such scary successes as NBC's "Grimm," Fox's "Sleepy Hollow" and The CW's long-running "Supernatural" and spring arrival "iZombie."

We can find fright almost anytime.

But October hasn't lost its luster when it comes to concentrating the chill. The lead-up to Halloween is when more viewers are in the mindset, cooking up costumes and decorating their digs with fearsome paraphernalia. Happy to tap that fright fetish, TV provides plenty of scary shows, movies and themed series episodes -- both on regular TV channels and on the streaming services that collect series and films for watching anytime over the Web.

Halloween night itself has become a prime time for dastardly debuts these past five years, since "The Walking Dead" premiered Oct. 31, 2010, to such impact. This year, the date introduces Bruce Campbell's movie-to-series transfer, "Ash vs. Evil Dead," on Starz, while Sundance imports a second season of the Peabody and International Emmy winner "The Returned," the French spooker in which dead people reappear.

Ready for some of TV's ways to scare yourself silly?




October Syfy's eighth annual 31 Days of Halloween event, with four original Saturday night films, familiar franchise titles (

October Friday nights TCM Horror fest runs vintage titles under weekly themes: rogue body parts (Oct. 9); scary kids (Oct. 16); literary horror (Oct. 23); Val Lewton films (Oct. 30).

Oct. 18-31 AMC's 19th annual FearFest includes franchise marathons for "Halloween" (Oct. 19; Oct. 28-31), "The Amityville Horror" (Oct. 21) and "Friday the 13th" (Oct. 27).

Oct. 30 Starz' "Evil Dead" night, from 8.

Oct. 30-31 FX "Twilight Saga" marathon, 5 p.m.-7 a.m.

Oct. 31 Cinemax horror marathon ("Sweeney Todd," "Van Helsing," others), from 6 a.m.

Oct. 31 IFC marathon ("Nightmare on Elm Street" films, more), from 7:45 a.m.



Oct. 4 HBO's "The Leftovers" Season 2 return, 9 p.m. (after 11 a.m.-9 p.m. HBO2 marathon).

Oct. 4 AMC's "Fear the Walking Dead" Season 1 finale, 9 p.m. (after 3:15-9 p.m. marathon)

Oct. 5-10 AMC runs "The Walking Dead" encores, 6 p.m.-2 a.m. nightly, leading to Oct. 11's 9 p.m. Season 6 return.

Oct. 7 FX's "American Horror Story: Hotel" debut, 10 p.m.

Oct. 9-23 A&E's "The Enfield Haunting," UK poltergeist tale with Timothy Spall, 10 p.m. weekly.

Oct. 20 ABC Family's "Stitchers" stand-alone Halloween episode, 9 p.m.

Oct. 24 Hallmark's "The Good Witch" Season 2 sneak peek, 9-11 p.m.

Oct. 25-31 FXX "Treehouse of Horror" marathon of "The Simpsons," 11:30 a.m.-midnight.

Oct. 27 ABC's "Wicked City" premiere of '80s Hollywood serial killer thriller, 10 p.m.

Oct. 31 FX runs "Scream Queens" marathon, 6 p.m.-midnight.

Oct. 31 Starz's "Ash vs. Evil Dead" premieres, 9 p.m.

Oct. 31 Sundance imports "The Returned" Season 2, 10 p.m.



Oct. 9 Disney's new "Invisible Sister" movie with Rowan Blanchard ("Girl Meets World"), 8 p.m., during Disney Channel's Monstober month.

Oct. 12 Nickelodeon debut movie "Liar, Liar, Vampire," 7 p.m., kicks off Saturday night celebrations.

Oct. 19-31 ABC Family's 17th annual 13 Nights of Halloween mix of movies, animation, more (

Oct. 25-31 PBS Kids spotlights Halloween episodes.



Oct. 9 History's "True Monsters," 10 p.m. series premiere

Oct. 14 ID's "True Nightmares," 10 p.m. series premiere

Oct. 30 Destination America's "Exorcism: Live!," 9 p.m. event from original "Exorcist" house

Oct. 31 Travel's "Ghost Adventures," 9 p.m. special from Deadwood, South Dakota



Shout Factory TV "Elvira's Movie Macabre," "Mystery Science Theater 3000"

Netflix "The Walking Dead" Season 5, "Monster High: Boo York"

Amazon Instant Video "Tales From the Crypt" series, "The Fly" (1958), "American Horror Story: Freak Show" (starts Oct. 6)

Hulu "The Blair Witch Project," "Blood Simple," "American Horror Story: Freak Show" (starts Oct. 6 )

HBONow/HBOGo: "True Blood," "Carnivale," "Dawn of the Dead," "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"

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