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Hannibal Buress -- Cosby indicter -- gets Comedy Central series

Hannibal Buress performs at the First Midwest Amphitheatre

Hannibal Buress performs at the First Midwest Amphitheatre on Saturday, August 31, 2013. Credit: AP / Barry Brecheisen

Hannibal Buress -- an esteemed standup and star of a pair of cult hits who will nonetheless henceforth be known as the guy who toppled Cosby -- will get his own Comedy Central series.

 The network just announced an eight-episode order for "Why, with Hannibal Buress," to launch in July. (Think: stand-up, skits, interviews and so forth.) 

 "Hannibal keeps asking us 'why' so we just told him to go find out and we'll air it," said Kent Alterman, chief of CC originals, in a statement. 

Buress -- "Eric Andre Show," "Broad City" -- is a big star  in the Adult Swim/ Comedy Central firmament, so a series deal was just a matter of time. And he is funny indeed, as anyone who saw his "Live from Chicago" special will attest.

But...ahh, yes... but...he also called out Bill Cosby during a standup routine in Philadelphia last November, speaking of a decade-old rape accusation brought against the venerable comic. His on-stage rant went viral, and subsequently opened the floodgates for new accusations.  New allegations continue to surface almost weekly, while Cosby -- through lawyers and public relations officials -- has denied them. 

Buress has since sounded almost regretful about the firestorm, telling Howard Stern: 

"This was unexpected. I didn't want to do that. If I were going to do that, I would have done it on my own. It wasn't my intention to make this part of a big discussion. It was just something I was doing at that venue right then."

Meanwhile, Buress tweeted Tuesday afternoon, "Also,, to any conspiracy theorists, the [Comedy Central] deal was closed last September." 

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