'American Idol' shows more behind-the-scenes footage, this time of the contestants with Harry Connick Jr.

Wants the judges to stop saying "pitchy," use "out-of-tune" instead. Makes fun of everyone, like constantly, and himself. It's actually quite funny in a 'can you believe this guy!' way, like Robin Williams when he's on Letterman or Leno.

Hmmm, maybe Harry should replace Simon Cowell next season, he's pretty funny, but with a definite competitive edge, and of course he knows his stuff.

Comes out to perform "And I Love Her," it's not one of these easy songs to listen to and appreciate, takes a while for the ear to get used to the key and the phrasing, almost deliberately depressing, and atonal. But it kindof sticks in your head.

Maybe he's auditioning for Ryan's job; after he sings, does some standup, introduces the next segment, him and the finalists singing his song. Again, they're not just doing the feel-good, easy songs; this is real singing, you have to pay attention to enjoy it.

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He's been able to get something out of these contestants nobody else except Adam Lambert did, I think.

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