Good Morning
Good Morning

Hasselhoff back on "The Young & The Restless"



  After a sabbatical of - get this - thirty years from "The Young & The Restless," Dr. William "Snapper" Foster is back at work on the show.

  Where's Snapper been?

  Well...he changed his name a few times, became friends with a car on "Knight Rider," then morphed into a lifeguard called Mitch Buchannon,  and became hugely and improbably popular around the world, though  most notably in places like Uzbechistan and Upper Volta, where they only have one TV station and re-runs of "Baywatch" are looped endlessly day and night...then, in a fruitless effort to escape the stigma of Mitch once and for all, Snapper became a judge on some show called  "America's Got Talent" where he purveyed enthusiastic comments about elderly ladies who do Elvis impressions...but Snapper also had a tendency to hang out in the writers' room just a little too often and right around the time they always broke out the bottle of Stoli...he then left that show, and decided...

 ...what the hell!

  ...go back to where this all started! As "Snapper" Foster on "The Young & The Restless."

  Sadly, he's only going to reprise this fole for a few days or weeks. 

  (We love ya, Hoff...)



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