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HBO's 'The Newsroom' gets a second season

'Newsroom' creator Aaron Sorkin says he hopes the

'Newsroom' creator Aaron Sorkin says he hopes the new HBO drama humanizes journalists in the way 'The West Wing' did for the White House staff. AP video. (June 25)

And just like that, "The Newsroom" - one of the most praised/damned shows of the season - just got a second season pickup. HBO gave no additional details other than to add that "True Blood" would be returning for a sixth season as well. 

  There really is no huge surprise here: Aaron Sorkin is the producer, and you want to be in bed, so to speak, with Aaron Sorkin. He's a brilliant guy and while "Newsroom" has its faults, it has plenty of virutes, and a second season certainly gives both parties time to work out the flaws. Moreover, last week's numbers were excellent - by HBO standards - and certainly strong enough to merit a second. What's amsuing here is the trully passionate critical reaction - much of it almost ad hominen, as if Sorkin had created something  that was a personal affront to THEM. To which I'd say: Only a TV show, and a spirited, interesting and well acted/written one too. Sure it can be sanctimonious (but then so can I.) Glad it's coming back. 

  "True Blood" renewal? Of course. What else.

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