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Heejun Han confuses Diddy, rips his shirt off on 'American Idol'

Heejun Han sings Billy Joel's "My Life" on

Heejun Han sings Billy Joel's "My Life" on "American Idol." After the performance, judge Steven Tyler advised him: "take it more serious, you have a great voice." (March 21, 2012) Credit: Fox

Heejun Han is singing Billy Joel's "My Life" next on "American Idol." Guest mentor Diddy and mentor Jimmy Iovine answer his question about how to deal with criticism by telling him to use it as fuel and not take it personally.

Diddy adds he's still not sure if Han is just putting on a big act with all his joking, laughingly adding, "I'm not even sure he's Asian, he could be black."

Fashion consultant Tommy Hilfiger asks Han who he looks up to for his fashion sense; he says, "Jessica Sanchez." Ha!

He starts the performance, then stops the piano player, tells him "that's much too slow for me, I want to dance," and rips off his outfit to reveal a T-shirt over a red button-down shirt underneath.

And busts out with some attitude on the song; even prancing around on stage, he's still not totally letting go vocally, but is having some fun with it. And I think his performance is pretty true to the lyrics and the song's meaning, actually.

"Because you were running around and everything I think you didn't hit the vocal exactly like I know you can... but it was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it," says a laughing Jennifer Lopez.

Steven Tyler tells him to "take it more serious, you have a great voice." He's right, he should stop hiding behind his humor and really compete.

Randy Jackson says "I was just happy to see you have a good time."

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