“I’m looking for an extraordinary person” says Gordon Ramsay in the season 7 premier of “Hell’s Kitchen” (tonight at 8 on Fox).

Really? Then why does he persist in selecting contestants who are singularly dim, inarticulate and undistinguished?

Over on Bravo, when you first meet the Top Chef "cheftestants,” you’re told who their employers are. These kids have already demonstrated their abilities and that’s why they are working at some of the country’s best restaurants. In “Hell’s Kitchen,” the contestants are identified by their position but not their employer: Who knows which banquet hall employs banquet chef Holli Ugalde, which school employs culinary instructor Benjamin Knack, or which kitchen is supervised by "kitchen supervisor" Maria Torrisi?

And what is Ramsay’s strategy for mentoring these callow nitwits? Basically, he screams at them.

If the winners of past seasons of “Hell’s Kitchen” were succeeding in the culinary world, I’d have to acknowledge the efficacy of Ramsay’s seemingly inane apprenticeship system. But consider that Season 1’s winner, Michael Wray, is preparing to open a tattoo-themed restaurant in Las Vegas, according to a recent interview he gave bigtattooplanet.com. Heather West, from Season 2, is executive chef at Monterey in our own Long Beach, a restaurant not in Long Island's top tier. As of January, Season 3’s Rahman “Rock” Harper was serving as an adjunct culinary professor at Stratford University in Northern Virginia, according to starchefs.com.

Season 4’s Christina Machamer has probably done the best. She cooks at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bistro in Beverly Hills while Danny Veltri (Season 5) has left his sous chef job at Fornelletto in the Borgata in Atlantic City, and Dave Levey (Season 6) told Reality TV Magazine last month that “I am currently in Nashville helping my sister launch her country/rock album.”

The point of “Hell’s Kitchen” is not cooking, it is humiliation. And, as in seasons past, the most recent crop of contestants seems deserving. Salvatore Coppola, an Italian-born pizza chef from New Jersey who has lived in the U.S. for 21 years, can barely speak English. Maria Torrisi, the kitchen supervisor from Pennsylvania, seems less like a real person than a SNL character created by Kristen Wiig.

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As in Ramsay’s other televised humiliation ritual, “Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares,” Long Island is disproportionately represented. Actually, Rockville Centre is disproportionately represented. Fran Klier, an RVC caterer, looks to be out of her depth but Nilka Hendricks, currently the chef at The Vibe Lounge (60B N. Park Ave., Rockville Centre, 516-208-6590) could be a contender. We’ll keep an eye on her.