Good Morning
Good Morning

Hicksville medium Theresa Caputo gets...

Okay, dear reader. Let's test your psychic abilities: Hicksville-based medium Theresa Caputo, star of TLC's "LI Medium," get's what exactly?

...a new car?

...a headache?

...a new job? old job? (wait, that doesn't make sense)

...a new toaster from Costco?

...a new microwave from Target?

 Give up? 

 If you haven't figured out by now what Theresa Caputo just got, then  your psychic abilities are negligent to non-existent. Sorry. Theresa just got a new season. A second comprising twelve half hours.  Here's the press release:

Theresa Caputo seems like your average mom from Long Island, NY. She takes care of her husband and two children, runs errands, goes to work every day, but also happens to have a very special gift…she talks to the dead. LONG ISLAND MEDIUM follows real-life psychic medium Theresa Caputo as she takes clients on an emotional and spiritual journey with the afterlife. As a psychic medium, Theresa has an ability that most people can’t comprehend. She spends her days helping individuals find closure and connects people to their loved ones who have passed in order to validate that they are still with them. For Theresa, this is not just her job, this is her life, as she tries to balance the past with the present on a daily basis.  

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