Overcast 55° Good Afternoon
Overcast 55° Good Afternoon

Hola Allison, adios Ashley

Before the next elimination, we got to hear last year’s fourth-place finalist Allison Iraheta sing her song “Scars,” which was both good and bad. Good, because though the song was kind of blah, Allison sounded and looked great. Bad, because hearing her only pointed to how weak the girls sound by comparison this year.

Once Allison finished and bantered with Ryan Seacrest, it was back to the cutting board. Paige, Lacey, Lilly and Crystal were all declared safe, leaving Didi Benami and Ashley Rodriguez. Another no-brainer as to who was going. Poor Ashley should have known better than to sing a song like “Happy,” since she has to be anything but after getting eliminated. She thanked everyone who supported her from day one and then did a reprise of “Happy.”

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