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Holbrook Danny Horal native on 'Amazing Race'

Strike one for the home team: “The Amazing Race,” which kicks off Feb. 19, will have a Holbrook resident aboard. He is Danny Horal, described as a “nightclub promoter” from Holbrook and he'll be teamed with a Queens native. Below a quick video clip of the new cast.

Meanwhile, here's CBS' brief description of Team New York:

Joey ?Fitness? Lasalla Age: 29 Hometown: Whitestone, N.Y. Current occupation: Trainer/Supplement Company Owner

Danny Horal Age: 27 Hometown: Holbrook, N.Y. Current occupation: Nightclub Promoter Connection to Teammate: Friends

 And no: That's not a typo; Joey's middle name is indeed "Fitness."

 What else to tell you about the new season. Well... .former "Big Brother" housemates, now engaged, Brendon Villegas and Rachell Reilly are along for the ride..."Course you remember Season 13's Reilly... Also, Betram van Munster, show EP, said this to E! of the new edition: The route "is so off the wall and so crazy that it almost killed us. It's really very original—the whole ensemble, the cast and the route and the challenges are really unique, it's probably one of the best [seasons] we've ever done—and very competitive."  

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