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Hollie Cavanagh's come a long way on 'American Idol'

Hollie Cavanagh doing Journey's "Faithfully" as "American Idol" pays tribute to songs from California; one of my favorite songs, could have a moment here.

Starts off with the right touch of drama, audience is hushed. Slow and controlled; voice has just the right tone. It's a compelling performance; she never quite lets go, even at the end doesn't blow us away with a big vocal, but the whole thing is strong. I'd have paid money to have heard what Jessica Sanchez would've done with this song, though.

Randy Jackson, who reminds us he used to play in Journey, says, "You were right in the zone." Jennifer Lopez says she's grown a ton -- before Cavanagh sang, footage was shown of her not making it to the semis last year -- and likes her confidence. Steven Tyler says she's blossomed.

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