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Hollie Cavanagh told to 'smile for real' on 'American Idol'

Hollie Cavanagh closes the Queen part of "American Idol" tonight by singing "Save Me." Not a song people know well; it does show off her vocals, even if she seems to be oversinging a bit.

She, and Elise Testone, need to knock it out of the park to stay around after this week; neither one did it.

"I think you did a really good job with it," says Steven Tyler. Jennifer Lopez thinks she got emotional in the bit, and then "it did go off a tiny little bit." Wants her to enjoy it more, "smile for real" and stop overthinking.

Then she gives her really good advice — basically, if you're nervous and don't enjoy performing it genuinely, it's hard for us as the audience to really enjoy it.

Randy Jackson says flatly the song didn't give us a moment where we thought she could win this thing. He's exactly right.

Hmm, this is the most thoughtful the judges have been all night; hope they keep it up.

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