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'Homeland:' Finale gripes and grousings


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Let's talk "Homeland," which wrapped its second season last night, and if you don't want to talk "Homeland" - or learn even a scintilla about what happened last night (cue to "spoiler alert") then by all means don't click the little tab below that will carry you to the  jump. But as the season ends, and as the glories continue to accrue to this now officially over-praised show, it's a good moment to unload. I'm still fond of "Homeland," but am beginning to think too that it's drifted to the land of Oz, too. Check out my season review from Friday - I pulled my punches, awaiting the finale. So here are a couple/few punches.

We at the jump now? Good. Let's talk.

  My gripes, and I have a few, even though "Homeland" could well get a Golden Globe early next winter (though what do the  Globeheads know), and more Emmy nods in the late summer. 

  Here are a few of  my issues, in bullet form, and I'll add to this as I think of more, so be my guest and check back, or tell me I'm full of baloney (after all, my kids and editors do! ba dum.):

 * "Homeland" is always high-tech until such time as it is no-tech - the time when it best suits its narrative purposes, that is. Honestly, I've never seen a show so willingly, happily abandon technology when it suits its story.  What? No camera caught sight of Carrie or Brody leaving the veep's funeral? What?  No one figured out that Carrie's car was missing? What?  No camera noticed that a suspicious car was parked right in front of a huge near-state funeral where one would expect security to be at an alert far beyond any color code I can think of? What what what!!?? This is a longstanding issue this season - and there are many examples. Here's one that comes immediately to mind: Why didn't anyone think of turning on the damn lights in the tunnel where Abu Nazir had his rathole? It woulda been easy - just flip the switch. (Even I know how to do that.)

 * Carrie's gullibility remains deep, unabiding, silly. Perhaps Brody had nothing to do with this bombing. Perhaps Brody had something to do with it. On the scale of probability, it would seem likely that Brody did have something to do with this - though please point out to me (and maybe I just wasn't paying attention) how explosives ended up in his car if he did not? Or how Nazir planted them? (Or is he a gullible dupe, too? Not likely if you remember any of last season...)

* Character motivation and behavior remain troubling, or at most, inconsistent. Quinn - Rupert Friend - suddenly becomes the good guy because he realizes that Estes is the bad guy all along? (And how long did it take for Quinn to figure that one out? After all, he's had all season to think about this - though Quinn is none too bright to begin with, leaving the Gettysburg storefront WIDE OPEN AND UNCOVERED so that terrorists dressed in black could emerge undetected... 

 * Powerful scene when Saul was reciting the mourner's Kaddish over the dearly departed, and then Carrie arrives. How convenient! No one notices her leaving. No one notices her arriving. Back to point number - does anyone in Homeland's  CIA know what the "I" stands for?  Saul included?

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