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Hope Johnson, Lloyd Thomas, Tasha Layton are nervous in 'American Idol' room two

'American Idol' starts its cut to 24 semifinalists tonight, but room two, rightly, knows they're in trouble, they're all huddled together.

Charity Vance, all in stripes, does "Gravity," I like her. Tasha Layton the worship pastor I really liked out of L.A., is here too; she does a nice "Nobody Says It Was Easy." Gosh, I hope she stays.

Mary Powers is in this room too, I don't think I like her much, she's a bit too much; I like her passion, but not sure I wanna see weeks and weeks of her. "I'm not intimidated by the competition; I'm pretty intimidating, I think." Does a confident, but not great-voiced version of "Hot and Cold." SImon says, "I think she's interesting cause she's older."

Dockworker Lloyd Thomas is in this room too, he breaks down crying, talking about his wife and kids. Man, I like him... His "Man in the Mirror" isn't that great, but as Simon says, "I just like him."

Cop Brian Walker is in this room too, he was happy after his performance, they're all nervous here. Tisha Holland, Jermaine again, Hope Johnson, who had to overcome poverty and who I super-liked.

My guess is they're not gonna cut or put through entire rooms this time; too many featured people would be cut out of room two, otherwise. Hope sang "Home," slightly off-key, but an interesting voice.

Everyone in that room starts second-guessing themselves. Ugh, this is brutal....

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