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Horrors! Siobhan Magnus wants to do a fright flick

The horror! The horror! No, we don’t just mean the shock that Siobhan Magnus was voted off “American Idol” Wednesday night, but that Siobhan hopes her “Idol” journey will lead to a role in a horror flick. Of course, she also plans to pursue her music dreams, but acting is definitely on her mind, she said Thursday during her press conference call.
Siobhan also provided more of the gory details about her future plans, as well as how she starting hitting those high notes.

When did she first hit those high notes?
“I’m pretty sure I figured out how to do that in the shower in high school one night. I’m an avid shower singer to much of the dismay of my family and my neighbors, but I was singing a Kelly Clarkson song, and I went to hit one note. I reached it, and I was able to resonate it in a different part of my head that I could belt it that high. Ever since I figured it out I started to use it more and more with different stuff, in school choirs and in my band. It became very useful with the style of singing that I like to do.”

Would fans be concerned that she might want to emulate Courtney Love and Rob Zombie?
“I can understand that being a cause of concern, but my tastes are in no way limited to that style of music. I love every kind of music that moves me, and I hope to be able to create a sound that is my own because it takes from everything that I love, from jazz and soul and R&B and blues to rock and punk and oldies, big band. I love everything.”

Did glass blowing help develop her voice?
“Glass blowing does require a certain amount of breath control, but it’s not something that you’re pushing really hard because glass is so sensitive, but I also am very vocal in my job. When customers come in and my boss is working on something and he can’t stop and explain, I’ll have to explain for him, so I do a lot of talking and have to be comfortable talking to strangers about what’s going on. It might sound silly, but even that is a big help in just communicating with people and just speaking up.

“It gets really loud in the shop from the vents that are on because it gets so hot, and then my boss will play really loud music to get in the zone. It’s such a cool job, and I miss it a lot, but it in many ways has helped shape me as a person, my work ethic and my ability to communicate with other people and just learning about the art which is fascinating.

What did she think of Adam Lambert as a mentor?
“I just respect him so much for his individuality and his confidence, and his stage presence is just tremendous. It’s undeniable that he’s born to do what he’s doing. He was extremely helpful as a mentor because he was the first mentor that the show ever had that was a past contestant, so he knew firsthand what it was like to be in our shoes, and that was helpful because he was very sensitive to that. He knew just what to say, and the things he said were so dead on.

“I really just tried to absorb every single thing he said, every moment that I had with him. He pointed out some great things not even just about technically singing the right notes or anything, but about the entire performance and your presence on stage and your motions and things to make it more believable.”

How important was it to defend herself and her individuality?
“It’s important for me to get that across that I’m not going to change to please other people. I do what I do because it rests well on my heart and who I am. . . . I couldn’t ask for anything better than receiving letters from younger girls who said to me, ‘I get made fun of at school because I’m different, but watching you has helped me accept the fact that it’s okay and it’s a good thing to be who I am and not back down just because other people intimidate me.’ . . .  I always said if I could influence one person’s life, then that’s what I’m here for, so I’m just so honored.”

What does the future hold?
Well, one thing is I’d love to do some more theater. I love acting. I’ve had a lot of experience in different kinds of theater, musicals and Shakespeare, and I love acting. I do aspire someday to be in something like "Phantom of the Opera" or "Jesus Christ Superstar," like any kind of opera or Broadway-type musical because I love acting and singing, and the two of them together is just so much fun.

I also am a huge horror movie fan, and I definitely aspire to at least make an appearance in a wicked gory kind of horror film with all the stops and the special effects makeup that I’m just so fascinated by. A big dream of mine since all my brothers and sisters are very artistic too would be to collaborate with all of them. My oldest brother, Rory, is an extremely talented filmmaker, and someday I’d love to be in one of his films, and we could all come together and create a Magnus work of art.

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