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House finale: 'Everybody Dies' applies to Gregory House

Hugh Laurie as House in the two-hour,

Hugh Laurie as House in the two-hour, "Swan Song/Everybody Dies" HOUSE series finale event airing Monday, May 21 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Credit: Adam Taylor/FOX

Everybody dies and that apparently applies to Gregory House as well. Or did it?

At peace, at last.

A life, such as this one was, dedicated to the relentless, heartless pursuit of truth -- or puzzles -- seemed to finally end last night in a blazing building -- but continued after all, when he faked his own death so he could remain by the side of his closest friend in the world, Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard), himself dying from cancer.

Appropriately dark and grim, though the final seconds were far from that -- House and Wilson on motorcycles, on the open road, with an old Guy Lombardo hit, "Enjoy Yourself (It's Later Than You Think)" tracking.

It was a carpe diem wrap to a finale that had its eponymous hero wondering about ending it all, and finally, did not.

En route to nothingness, House's final journey and Monday night's finale -- "Everybody Dies" -- was a trip through his subconscious or his own private hell, not that there was ever that much of a difference anyway.

Ghosts from Christmas past, so to speak, from Princeton-Plainsboro arrived, to dispense wisdom or perspective, like Kutner (Kal Penn), Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), and Stacy Warner (Sela Ward) his girlfriend from the first season (Cuddy -- Lisa Edelstein -- his last love, did not show up).

The message was life, life, life even though he had decided on death, death, death.

After eight seasons, though, "House" and House decided on a life affirmation. It all closed with an old Warren Zevon song, "Keep Me in Your Heart for a While."

"House" fans, of course, will.


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