Could Casey James win "American Idol"?

Here's the post in which I posit the seven ways this could actually happen:

1.) More people vote for him than either Lee DeWyze or Crystal Bowersox. It would really be as simple as that.

2.) Lee D. and Bowersox split the "quality" vote, which leaves a larger chunk of the pie for Casey; it'd work this way -- the few remaining hardcore fans who really care who wins this season don't think there's all that much difference between Bow and Lee D, and would be perfectly happy with either of them. This would (conceivably) leave an even larger pool of voters who do care about Casey.

3.) AT&T helps coach people in Casey's home state about how to block book votes for him (they already know how to do this in Arkansas). Of course, I'm just kidding here. AT&T would never do anything like this.

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4.) Viewers are so disgusted with this edition of "American Idol" that they don't even bother to vote for the best of the remaining three -- clearly Bowersox, followed by Lee -- which dooms both of them, leaving the spoils to Casey. (This is a subset of the reason behind door No. 2.)

5.) Troublesome websites like Votefortheworst galvanize millions to register their protest votes for this lousy season, by electing the finalist who should not win.

6.) There is so much apathy out there that the only contestant anyone can muster enthusiasm for is the Cute One.

7.) Good as Bowersox is, viewer-voters really don't like her that much, and vote for the person they do like -- namely Casey, proving once again the "Idol" is more of a popularity contest than anything else.

[Have I made my case? I think it's a longshot, but Casey could win. Let me add, given the state of this season, that would hardly be the worst thing in the world. I do like him, and have all season, and think he's genuinely talented. Bowersox is the best, and Lee is good, too. She should win but because she should win, she won't.]