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'How I Met Your Mother' hits episode 100

Hey, come on. You know what it's about. Ted (Josh Radnor) is looking for his wife; Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) is looking for a quickie.

That's the way it's always been, but amid the not-quite-Shakespearean themes of "HIMYM," there are a couple of additional wrinkles - specifically a wrinkled suit. (The episode is called "Girls vs. Suits.")

Ted (an architecture prof) sees a particularly attractive student, Cindy (Bilson), and asks her out. She's not his future wife - the conceit of the show is that Ted is explaining to his kids how he met their mother - but Cindy's roommate very well may be. We never actually see this roommate, or learn her name, but her possessions are strewn around the apartment, and they're keepsakes that are familiar to Ted's kids.

Oh, wait! We do see Ted's future wife - a brief glimpse of an ankle and calf, as she walks to (or from) the shower in a robe.

Next, across the crowded MacLaren's, Barney spots a new bartender, Karina (Keibler). It occurs to him that he's never actually slept with a hot bartender. The chase is on. She has no interest in him, however, because he's got a suit on (she hates guys in suits). He ditches the suit to win the bartender.


Guest appearances by Rachel Bilson, former WWE star Stacey Keibler and Tim Gunn.


Monday night is another reminder how appealing this cast truly is, even if the formula sometimes feels like a piece of overworked chewing gum. It's also a reminder of just how talented Harris is. The episode closes with a big, brassy song-and-dance number that fits him like a bespoke suit. We all know Harris can sing, but he sings this number really well.



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