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'How I Met Your Mother' to give away set props

Josh Radnor as Ted, and Cristin Milioti as

Josh Radnor as Ted, and Cristin Milioti as Tracy in the finale of "How I Met Your Mother." Credit: AP / Ron P. Jaffe

In what may be the mother of all TV tchotchke giveaways, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment said it will give fans essentially everything from the set of "How I Met Your Mother." That would - yes - include the bar at MacLaren's. A Tumblr website for this sweepstakes has been launched - - and the pretext appears to be raw promotion - the boxed set is out in a week. Enduring that, however, is a small price to pay indeed for a chance to win "Ted's Hotdog Costume." (Right?)

 The news release quotes Carter Bays: "'How I Met Your Mother' has always belonged to the fans. You guys rooted the show on, made it a part of your life, and spent every Monday night with us for nearly a decade. We will always be grateful for that. As a way of saying thanks, we'd like to give you the opportunity for a piece of “How I Met Your Mother” to actually, physically belong to you. From all of us at “HIMYM,” thanks for watching, and good luck!”

Craig Thomas:, “We hope that you treasure and enjoy these beloved pieces of “HIMYM's” soul, or that you at least don't sell them on eBay.”

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