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Howard Stern: hating on Leno, as usual

   Watching Howard (Stern) on the new "Piers Morgan Tonight"  last night, the first thought that occurred to one viewer out there in great mass of viewers (me) was: There he goes again!

  Calling Jay (Leno) names. Telling someone (although it's usually Robin) how much he hates Jay; what a "crook" he is; how he should  "man up;" Etc. Some this morning are actually treating this as news - which of course it is not. Stern rips Jay any chance he gets, usually in these forums guaranteed to get suckers like me to post them as blogs, along with the requisite soundbite. So charged! I am a sucker.

  And when I have the chance, I'll dig up the other times Howad has ripped Leno - who, by the way, never gets much of a chance to respond. Fact is, Leno has been a punching bag for Stern - and others - for years now. It's tired. Terribly terribly tired...



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