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Howard Stern in talks to join "America's got Talent"

Howard Stern attends The Cinema Society and D&G

Howard Stern attends The Cinema Society and D&G screening of "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" at Landmark's Sunshine Cinema in Manhattan. (Nov. 19, 2009) Credit: Getty Images

 Howard Stern - introduction not required - is talking to NBC about joining the judging panel of "America's Got Talent."

 Pricetag: $15 million per year.

The Wall Street Journal first reported this mid-afternoon, and I've since confirmed that the parties are indeed talking. It also sounds highly possible - a deal, that is. Don't forget that Howard claims he had also been approached by Fox and Fremantle to judge "American Idol." Per Stern at the time, that dance went on for a while and came very close to completion. (Per Fox at the time, that was all bogus - Stern was never approached.) 

Stern on craptastic "AGT?" Needless to say, perfect casting. He'd fit right in with the faux-glammy Vegas glitter and be an appropriate and welcome wet blanket to all general foolishness that passes for talent on "Talent." He'd tell people that they were awful, when they were awful, and he'd do it in a way that would manage to be both vulgar and amusing at the same time.  How he'd get along with Sharon Osbourne and Howie Mandel must remain, for the moment, a mystery.  

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