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Howard Stern: Osbourne gone from 'AGT;' could Cher be next?

Cher's name came up on “Late Night with

Cher's name came up on “Late Night with David Letterman” when the host and guest Howard Stern were discussing a replacement for Sharon Osbourne on “America's Got Talent." Credit: Handout

Amusing -- as always -- encounter between Howard Stern and David Letterman on last night's “Late Show.” Naturally, the subject of “America's Got Talent” came up, and this (naturally) also came up: Who will replace Sharon Osbourne?

Cher, perhaps?

Stern brought up her name in an off-handed manner, prefacing that producers didn't talk to him, and that he'd have no input in the decision, and that -- just to put this all in context -- if they “go for an older woman, maybe someone like  Cher...."

(He also said Katy Perry, if they go for someone younger.) 

It was all part of a general discussion in which Stern's mom said “AGT” should hire Queen Latifah.

In any case,  here's the question I would ask: What does Howard know and when did he know it? It's impossible, utterly impossible, to believe producers don't vet questions about replacements with him or Howie Mandel. That's why the off-handed reference to show biz/and gay icon Cher is so intriguing. In a sense, she'd be a perfect choice -- legend, household name, big appeal in those C&D households (industry lingo for small markets) where people actually watch “AGT;” and of course a huge part of Vegas history and culture.

My point simply is this: She'd be a great choice for this silly show.

Now, what about Sharon, also on “Letterman” a week or so ago to whine about her treatment at NBC's hands? Stern says she's definitely out.

And so it goes. “AGT” wraps next Thursday. 

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