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Hulu: Ram Trucks is Super Bowl XLVII ad winner

With a towing capacity of 30,000 pounds, the

With a towing capacity of 30,000 pounds, the 2013 Ram HD 3500 ups the towing capacity of the segment by 7,000 pounds -- about the weight of another pickup truck. Credit:

Hulu, which gets real time votes from viewers about their favorite ads, has announced a winner for Super Bowl XLVII: The Paul Harvey/Ram Trucks “Thank God for a farmer” spot.

I'm not surprised. It was one of my favorites, too, though in some of the Monday morning quarterbacking going on out there, there were some commentators who thought it didn't deserve a top billing because it was a redo of something already widely distributed online. To which I say, who cares! Most of us had never heard the Harvey speech; plus, given the context of game where the flood of ads were either jokey or tacky, this one felt fresh and like a blast of cool air. Once again, Chrysler (or its smart agency) overall has the best work in Super Bowl advertising. Go here to check out the Hulu results.

Meanwhile, what happened to Coke!? Its Mirage (showgirls versus cowboys versus whatever) barely registered on any ad feedback surveys, or at least the ones for public consumption. Back to the drawing board.


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