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'Idol' Season 10: Lambert shows 'em how to do it ... again!

AMERICAN IDOL: Adam Lambert performs "Aftermath" on AMERICAN

AMERICAN IDOL: Adam Lambert performs "Aftermath" on AMERICAN IDOL airing Thursday, March 10 on FOX. Credit: Fox

"American Idol" alumnus Adam Lambert, as he did last season, gave the idols-in-training a “how-to” with an acoustic version of his new single "Aftermath."

After Lambert sang, according to a report on Zap2it, he chatted with Randy Jackson and was introduced to new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler, and then moved over to the couch where the contestants were seated.

Lambert hugged each one of them, and then had a chat with wannabe James Durbin, who reminds us a lot of Adam, especially when he screams.

A reporter overheard Lambert tell Durbin that he thought he was “amazing” last night.

According to reports on Joe’s Place Blog, Abrams missed last night’s results show due to ulcerative colitis and had two blood transfusions while in the hospital.

Abrams tweeted last night: “hey guys, thanks for the well wishes, I got some nice fresh blood in me and feeling better. People at Idol & Cedars are treatin me real good.”

Abrams also tweeted a parting message to Ashthon Jones, who was the first to be eliminated: “I love you girl. I know for a fact we will meet up again in the near future. And your hair better be even bigger next time.”

According to "American Idol," the top 12 will sing songs from the year they were born, a theme that has surfaced several times over the years.

Here’s a list of the top 12’s birth years:
Casey Abrams – 1991
Haley Reinhart – 1991
Jacob Lusk – 1987
James Durbin – 1989
Karen Rodriguez – 1989
Lauren Alaina – 1994
Naima Adedapo – 1984
Paul McDonald – 1984
Pia Toscano – 1988
Scotty McCreery – 1993
Stefano Langone – 1989
Thia Megia – 1995

According to feelers that I put out to my circle of family/friends, we’re liking the guys this year a lot better than the gals, with the exception of New Yorker Pia Toscano, who is a Howard Beach native and could win.

Our fave guys are James Durbin, Casey Abrams (who we hope can stay out of the hospital for a bit), Paul McDonald (who we hope will sing some familiar tunes next time), and Scotty McCreery (who has a very distinctive, deep voice, but we’re wondering what he’ll do with a non-country tune).

My almost-four-year old granddaughter Alex’s picks are Lauren Alaina and Pia Toscano - because they're girls. She also likes James Durbin. She said: “He’s like Adam (who is her favorite . . . she has his picture hanging on the wall in her room) but he didn’t scream like Adam did this time, referring to his performance of "Maybe I'm Amazed.”

Tweens Nicky T. and Deanna T. of Lindenhurst both like James Durbin (who they have nicknamed "Mo" because of his Mohawk hairstyle), and they like Pia Toscano (who they nicknamed Eva Longoria, as they think she looks like her).

Their least favorites are Naima Adedapo and Karen Rodriguez. Deanna didn't like Stefano Langone's rendition of "Just The Way You Are" during the top 24 round, and she's holding it against him!

It has been reported that The Black Eyed Peas and Season 9 "American Idol" winner Lee DeWyze will be performing on next week’s results show.

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